Anti Trust Laws

Standard Parking Corp. to Reduce Interests in 29 Cities

Following Standard Parking Corporation’s proposed acquisition of Central Parking Corporation, the Department of Justice is requiring the company to divest its interests within 29 cities and 21 states.  On September
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Horizontal Restraints

Horizontal Restraints Defined

In a free market the market price is determined by supply and demand. Price fixing is highly frowned upon, and unless government-directed, declared illegal within the United States.Horizontal restraints can
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Vertical Restraints

What are Vertical Restraints

Antitrust laws have evolved greatly over the years to include a wide range of business practices. However, most antitrust laws can trace their beginning back to the Sherman Antitrust Act
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Per Se Violations

Per Se Violations Explained

The Sherman Antitrust Act covers a wide variety of different business practices that can be considered to constrain interstate commerce. Even though the Sherman Act was written into law in
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A Look Into Attempts to Monopolize

The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, which has been employed many a time in Federal courts across the country, seeks to promote free market interstate trade thereby making an effort
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Major Provisions

Sherman Act’s Major Provisions You Must Know

During the late 1800s many different moving factors were in play within all the realms of American culture. Socially, politically and with regards to business, new laws had to be
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